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Celebrating GO GREEN YEAR 2013 -14

River rafting is on from July 2013 to November 2013

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Parasailing from November 2013 to February 2014

Venture Adventure Club (Regd.) (VAC) is a non-profit international voluntary organization with its headquarters in Bangalore, dedicated to the promotion of adventure sports and nature awareness with the maximum number of qualified and certified instructors. Our aim is to provide state of art, safe ‘n' thrilling adventure sports at low cost. We are interested in bringing adventure into the lives of the youth specially those who would otherwise have had no hope of being exposed to it.

We are committed to providing only Premium events. We are "NOT" one of those "can do" clubs because, quite frankly, there are some things we "can't do", and there are other things that just shouldn't be done. We prefer to tell you up front than have you discover it on the day of the event. So when we say we "can do" something, you can rest assured it will be done well!

VAC is an international organization for the promotion of adventure sports and nature awareness since more than a decade (1996) with an outstanding excellent genuine track record of ZERO ACCIDENTS.

VAC is the premier outward-bound institution dedicated in promotion outdoor learning and nature exploration through a spectrum of activities in India and Abroad.

We are pioneers in the field of adventure based corporate team outing in Bangalore. In adventure sports, safety is paramount. We at VAC use internationally acclaimed safety gears tested under various and extreme conditions. VAC is the perfect place for you as an individual or a team. Our philosophy on safety says “No compromise in safety as your safety is our future.

Ministry of Sports and Youth Affair,

Govt. of India

Ministry of Sports and Youth Services,

Govt. of Karnataka.

Adventure sports aren't as dangerous as they seem, especially if your guide knows his job , in order to make your event an successfully memorable one all you need is an expert guide. Well under an qualified and alert motivating guide there is nothing that cannot be achieved from diving into deepest ocean to climbing the highest mountain.

So when you need an expert guidance Venture Adventure Club stands next to you to bring out the adventurous side of you. We organize adventure trips for Corporate (we have pioneered the concept of Corporate adventure day outing), Educational Institution, and Families or lets say any body who wants the adrenaline rush in them it, age doesn't matters  nor does the gender, only thing that we expect from you is the passion for adventure.

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4 Seat

Rs.6/-per Km



9 Seat

Rs.8/-per Km.



9 Seat

Rs.8/-per Km.


Tempo Traveler

12/13/14 Seat

Push back

Video coach.

Rs. 12/- per Km.


Mini bus 19/21

Seat Push back

Video coach.

Rs.15/- per Km


Swaraj Mazda

32 Seat 

(Sat/Sun Only).

Rs.20/- per Km


Bus 35/50/55 Seat

Rs.30/- per Km


Minimum 250 km per day for all the above vehicles and Driver's allowances 

extra. Eight hours 80 km option also available.



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